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According to management expert and author Tom Peters, “We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer of a brand called You.” Whether you consciously acknowledge it or not, you have your own brand that can help you stand out in a crowd. Your personal brand is a compilation of your expertise, reputation, and the relationships you make. Creating your brand is about figuring out how you can bring value to your work and your audience. By creating this professional image, you can easily communicate what makes you unique.

So how are you supposed to develop this personal brand? Here are a couple of tips that can help:

  1. Know yourself: Your brand starts with you! Know who you are, as well as who you are not. Know your skills, strengths, weaknesses, passions, and goals. When you can define who you are you can start communicating your unique brand.
  2. Know your audience: Who do you want to send your message? By identifying your target audience you can hone that message and deliver it to the right places.
  3. Stay consistent: While aspects of your personal brand might change, it is important that you continue to present yourself in a way that is authentic.
  4. Use social media wisely: By connecting with your target audience on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook you can continue to deliver your message. Just make sure that your posts are suitable for your brand!
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