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If your internship offers workshops or speaker series for the whole office, be sure to attend those.  Some of my favorite moments of my internship were during the speaker series and workshops.  These events allowed me to gain new skills and hear about important programs the company was developing. While some of the skills being taught in these workshops may be very specific and pertain to a certain department or field of work, others skills can also come in handy for academics as well. One of the workshops I attended was an in depth explanation of how to use excel and gave me some great shortcuts in navigating excel; those tricks really helped me in a class I took later on in the semester.

As for the speaker series, it gave me something to talk about with my supervisor or my fellow interns. Showing an interest in what the company does and what new initiatives or speakers they choose to highlight within the company also displays that you are committed to developing a deeper tie to the company.

So remember if you want to gain the most knowledge from your internship do not only focus on getting to know your supervisor and co-workers, but also make a point to understand what the company is interested in and what they choose to focus on. Workshops and speaker series really highlight the skills they deem important within their company and will only enrich your internship experience further.

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