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One of the best pieces of advice I received from a previous supervisor was to keep a professional journal. In it you write and store all of the names of coworkers and managers, projects you have worked on together, dates of interaction, and any relevant personal information- such as a common love for streaming House of Cards on Netflix.

It is easy to keep track of names, dates, and projects while in the middle of a job or internship. However these details become fuzzier once we have returned back to UNC-CH for another semester, or moved on to our next professional endeavor.

Upon receiving the advice I went to Target and invested in a flower covered notebook, where I have collected business cards, intern rosters, and countless professional details from previous jobs and internships. In doing so I have already started drafts of the descriptions of my previous work, which expedites the process of writing a cover letter or resume later. I also try to record my reactions and emotions regarding different fields of work, which has now helped me in reflecting upon which paths I would like to pursue in the future.

While LinkedIn works as another great way to track your network and stay in contact with previous and current coworkers, having a journal or notebook to record your personal experiences and work relations will enrich your development and provide a centralized record of your past successes.

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