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Career Fairs or Job Expos aren’t just for seniors!  Typically, juniors and seniors pack the annual Fall Career Fairs, but first and second year students are also encouraged to suit up and attend as well.

What if I’m not ready to look for a job? Employers are impressed when first years and sophomores introduce themselves at career fairs. Part of the point is to learn more about what employers have to offer. Fairs are rare opportunities to talk with lots of people and learn about jobs straight from the source.

Great reasons for attending a career fair if you are a first or second year students:

  1. Eavesdrop:  Listen to the conversations between students and employers. Get the idea of how things work
  2. Explore the types of employers that recruit college students
  3. Learn more about the jobs that employers have to offer
  4. Network with recruiters from companies that recruit at UNC to hire UNC students
  5. Meet professionals in career fields that you are exploring
  6. Learn about internships for undergrads to gain experience and build your resume
  7. Discover organizations that you didn’t know existed before
  8. Start building your network of professional contacts since they will most likely be at the fair next year
  9. Opportunity to practice your “elevator pitch”
  10. Gain exposure to professional events that can only help you in your career development

Great ways to make a BAD impression at the career fair:

  1. Come underdressed as if you just stumbled upon the fair – This demonstrates your lack of planning.
  2. Ask a company “So…..what is it you do”. This demonstrates your lack of research.
  3. Come just for the free giveaways – This demonstrates you lack of professionalism.

Over 130 organizations — big, small and nonprofit — will be attending.

Dress to impress and take charge of your career path!

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