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Phone interviews are being used more and more by companies in today’s time. Phone interviewing allows companies to save money and interview more applicants. So, with this in mind, phone interviews are inevitable in the recruiting process.

Here are some tips to consider for your next phone interview.

1.       Schedule your phone interview at the time of day best for you.

Some people prefer mornings. Some people can’t function until the afternoon. Do your best to schedule your phone interview for a time when you are at your best. You want to be alert and ready to impress your interviewer!

2.       Find the right location for your call.

Ensure that you are in a quiet location with good reception. You don’t want excess background noise during your call or your call to drop. If you have roommates, let them know that you will be taking an important call so they can be cognizant of your situation.

3.       Disable call waiting and alerts.

If you can, try to disable call waiting during a phone interview—so you don’t have that annoying beeping coming through during your call. You want to try to eliminate all distractions if possible.

4.       Smile.

Try smiling during your call. Even though you aren’t seen, a smile signals energy—and you will sound more engaging during your phone call. If you don’t believe me, then just try it next time!

5.       Limit “filler” words.

Try to avoid saying umm, like, etc. Since your voice is the only thing the interviewer can focus on in a phone interview, sometimes these filler words can become even more obvious. So, just try to be intentional with the words you say!

6.       Use notes.

Use the fact that you are not seen in a phone interview to your advantage.  Since you aren’t in view of the interviewer, you can have notes in front of you. I suggest brief bullets that you can just glance at in case you get stuck.

Best of luck to you in your next phone interview!

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