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Teach For America was the number one employer of 2014 UNC-Chapel Hill graduates.   Over 65 graduating seniors received offers from TFA, placing UNC-Chapel Hill among the top 6 large universities in the nation with graduating seniors entering the program.

The TFA application process is rigorous and highly selective. Successful applicants are those who understand the importance of closing the educational achievement gap in high risk communities, who have a history of leadership and are committed to excellence in their endeavors. This does not mean that only student body leaders with 4.0 GPAs should apply! UNC students with a wide range of interests and experiences including business, the arts, sports, community service and the sciences have been accepted into TFA.

You do not have to have experience teaching or working with children to be a strong candidate, nor do you have to be pursuing a career in education.  Teach for America recruits applicants with a wide range of career interests. While many corps members remain teachers when they finish the program others enter careers in business, government and non-profits.

The TFA recruitment process involves three steps; an application and resume, a phone interview and an all-day interview which includes a classroom presentation. To learn more about TFA and to apply visit their website.

UCS offers workshops to help students with the TFA application process before each of the four application deadlines. UCS counselors are also available to review application materials and to help students prepare for phone and all day interviews.  Feel free to schedule an appointment with a UCS counselor to discuss.

Teach For America is great program, but it is not the only program which trains recent college graduates to work in our nations most underserved schools. Students who are interested in pursuing careers in education are encouraged to explore programs like the DC and NYC Teachings Fellows.

Other urban programs may be found by conducting and internet search using the terms  NAME OF CITY Teaching Fellows. Another wonderful program that has hired UNC graduates is the Mississippi Teaching Corps.

A key component of these and similar programs is that participants earn a Masters Degree in Education while they are serving. Your UCS counselor can help you to research and apply to two year teaching programs.

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