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Are you considering working a part-time job while you are at UNC? There are clear pros and cons to this decision.  According to Professor Laura Perna of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education, “Students who work a modest number of hours per week (10 to 15 hours), on campus, are more likely than other students, even students who do not work at all, to persist and earn degrees.”

Additional benefits of working a part-time job- on or off campus include developing skills, gaining relevant experience, and helping to create a professional network that you can tap into later on in your college career and beyond.  A con of working while in college is the time it can take away from your studies and extracurricular activities. Too many hours can backfire and result in a reduction or total loss of the benefits. Read this article from U.S News to learn the key to making the most of your part-time job and college experience!

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