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The beginning of a new year and a new semester promises a new start.  Many kick off the year with a resolution of some kind:  whether it is to study more and go out less or start looking for an internship or job.  Making the resolution is the easy part.  Keeping the resolution, typically for some, is not so easy.

The motivation for the first month or so starts strong.  Then something happens after the first month.  I am not sure what it is but motivation slowly fades.  At least for me it does.  My resolution that I was so excited and adamant about has lost is appeal.  The thrill is gone.

So, this year, instead of a New Year’s Resolution just try setting A GOAL.  Resolutions can feel like a long, drawn out process that has no end.  Frankly, I wonder about the success of my resolution.  When do I get to celebrate my success?  Better yet, how will my success be measured?

By setting a goal or two you can measure your success, you can see the process of your goal.  You can even schedule time to reward yourself once the goal is completed.  The goal can be short term, such as; I will write or update my resume by the end of January.  On the other hand, the goal can be long term, such as; I will conduct two informational interviews by the end of the semester.

As the dawn of the new semester and new year is still fresh on your mind think about what goals you like to accomplish.  Pick more than three or four goals that you would like to work on.  Include some short term and long term goals for yourself.  The goals can range from schoolwork to career work.  Be sure to reward yourself once you have accomplished a goal.

Most importantly, pick goals that will have a special meaning for you.  Working on someone else’s goal for yourself is like writing a term paper for a class you have never taken.  It will not be fun.  It will not be easy.  In addition, it may not be done.  So, set some goals for the semester and the year.

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