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Before your next interview review these tips to help you have a successful interview.

1. Review application materials.

You probably applied to several organizations and may have forgotten what you wrote in your cover letter or personal statement. Therefore, read over all of your application materials to review what you wrote. In addition review the organization’s website to see if there are any updates within the organization. This will be valuable as you reflect on your skills, interest, fit, and why you.

2. Practice with a mock interview.

Practicing will give you a chance to talk about your skills and qualifications. Tell me about yourself, what are your weaknesses, and why should we hire you, can be tough questions to answer on the spot without some reflection. Having a mock interview can help you think about and focus your answers to those questions and many others. Schedule an appointment with a career counselor to practice your interview. Or use Interview Stream on the Resources site.

3. Select your interview attire.

Think about the company culture and work environment you will be entering. Some environments require a business suit, while other environments are fine with khakis and polo shirt or a casual day dress. If you are unsure of what to wear, call human resources and ask someone. It is better to ask about interview attire and be confident in your outfit, then show up to the interview overdressed or underdressed.

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