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Never arrive late: Arrive to an interview at least 10 minutes before time. This will give you time to calmly wait for the interview. Review your resume and think about some of the points you want to bring up during the interview. Plus an interviewer should never have to wait for your arrival.

Not practicing: As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Therefore before your first interview, schedule an appointment for a mock interview with a career counselor or use InterviewStream on the Resources page to help practice. Practicing is not about rehearsing your answer so you sound like a robot. It is about thinking about situations that you want to talk about during an interview.

Lying during the interview: There is no such thing as a little white lie especially during an interview. It is very important to tell the truth. If you are unsure about how to answer a question pause before answering, ask for clarification, or ask if you can answer the question later.

Not following up: Once the interview is over make sure to email the interviewer a thank you note. The thank you note should be about paragraph in length. Include why you are excited about the position and important things you talked about during the interview.

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