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Sometimes the way we perceive ourselves can be very different than the way others perceive us, especially when it comes to employers. Here are a few things you may do now that appear unprofessional to employers.

  • Your personal Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter accounts show up on Google.

You Think: These are my accounts and employers shouldn’t be reading them. I have a right to post about my life online.
They Think: That picture you posted at a party last weekend or the snide remark about disliking your job show me that this person may not be as mature or responsible as I hoped. If I can find it online, so can my clients.


  • You send your resume or cover letter with typos.

You Think: Oops! No big deal though, right? Everyone makes mistakes and hey, they may not even catch it. At least I sent it in on time.
They Think: If this person didn’t take the time to proofread their own resume, who knows what mistakes they might make working for me. That’s a risk I don’t want to take.


  • You don’t prepare for an interview.

You Think: We’re just going to have a conversation, so no need to do much to prepare. I am quick on my feet and can probably make something up if I have to.
They Think: This person didn’t take the time to research my background or the company. He/she must not care much about getting this job and I want someone who puts forth more effort.


  • You don’t send a thank you after an interview

You Think: That’s really old fashioned. No one needs to send a thank you letter these days.
They Think: I took time out of my day to speak with this candidate and they didn’t have the manners to thank me. This person could have at least sent a quick follow up via email, but they must not want the position.


  • You show up to a career fair, networking night, or interview in too high of heels, too short of a skirt, unruly facial hair, too much makeup, overpowering cologne or perfume, etc.

You Think: This is what I do to dress up when I make an effort to look nice when going out.
They Think: This person has no clue how to show up looking like a professional. What you wear to go “out” is certainly not what you should wear on the job and I’m afraid to put this person in front of my clients.

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