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Believe it or not, that part-time job of yours will help you excel in many future work environments based on what we call “transferable skills.” These are skills that transfer from any industry, occupation, or environment to the next. Here are 5 transferable skills that you gain from most part-time jobs:

  1. Time Management: Many part-time jobs are held in fast-pace environments that serve the general public and as we know, the general public does not like to be kept waiting. Having to work quickly to serve multiple customers at one time, you must determine how to manage your time on the job. In addition, you usually have to manage your time between a part-time job and other responsibilities such as academics, family, extracurricular or volunteer experience, etc. Having so many responsibilities at one time forces you to learn how to plan ahead and balance your to-do list so that you stay on top of things.
  2. Organization: It is very difficult to complete many job tasks in an unorganized way. You must keep track of sales, cash, seating assignments, orders, etc. to stay on top of your work. You learn how to establish systems to provide order in your daily work, whatever that may be.
  3. Communication: In many part-time jobs, you are constantly communicating with your supervisor, coworkers, customers, etc. You learn polite, professional ways to respond to concerns, complaints, or requests.
  4. Teamwork: In most work environments, you are a part of team or group of staff members. When everyone does their part, the group succeeds. Through a part-time job, you learn the importance of helping your teammates to better serve clients in a timelier, professional way.
  5. Problem Solving: A guest isn’t pleased with their meal. A customer couldn’t find the specific product they were looking for. Another team member didn’t show up for their shift. You’ve experienced problems like these and many others on the job that you’ve had to help solve on the spot. Through your part-time job, you learn that it’s best to stay calm, communicate clearly, and think quickly to find a solution. You’re problem solving ability in these situations will prove helpful in other scenarios as well, as you face more complex challenges down the road.

Think about these skills the next time someone asks you about the part-time jobs that you’ve held. Give yourself the credit you deserve, whether it is in written form on your resume, in an interview, or simply in conversation.

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