• A Good Luck Wish from UCS

    By: Kristin Pawlowski, Sr. Assistant Director

    Two paths diverged on a sunny graduation day.  One frequently traveled, down stadium drive, to the comfort of familiar sights –Campus Rec, the Union, and good ‘ole Polk Place.  The other path a bit gr … Continued

  • Life After Carolina: Top 3 Ways to Climb the Ladder

    By: Camille G. Mason, Sr. Assistant Director

    When I received my first job after pursuing my graduate degree a mentor of mine asked me “Congratulations! So where do you want to work next?” I was so shocked by this I was speechless (which is rare … Continued

  • A Healthy Use of Your Time

    By: Chad Collins, Sr. Assistant Director

    As a UNC student, you already know that time management is a very important part of being successful in college.  When you are looking for a full time job or internship, it is also extremely important … Continued

  • 5 Productive Things to do Over Winter Break


    Plan a road trip:  If you’re able to drive and have access to a vehicle, a road trip can be a wonderful bonding experience between you and your friends. Pack a bag, load up the car, and hit the road t … Continued

  • Interested in a Career in Tech?


    Interested in a Career in Tech? Employment in the tech industry is projected to grow three times faster than the average rate of all other industries throughout the next decade, according to the U.S. … Continued

  • Staying Positive Despite Rejection


    Raquel Eatmon, CEO of Rising Media LLC and former news anchor, offers the following six ways to stay positive and on-track through rejection:     Recycle Rejection Don’t waste a rejection; use it! Fig … Continued

  • Summer Jobs: Making it Count


    Summers usually involve sunshine, longer days, and more free time… to start working a summer job. Whether your summer job is at your dream company in the big city, working with children at the local c … Continued

  • Tuesday Tips


    When dealing with career development, it is extremely important to focus on connections with individuals. Being in the business school, I have been lucky enough to develop a skill set that has transit … Continued

  • Life After Carolina


    Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. – Stephen Hawking   In a little over a month, some of you will be graduating. Some may have jobs lined up and have their life planned for the next five … Continued

  • 5 Career Related Ideas to Think About While on Spring Break


    Searching for a job is a process and takes time. Students who are focused on completing their coursework often find it hard to add job or internship searching to their busy academic and co-curricular … Continued