• Industry Night: Life of a Consultant

    By: Camille G. Mason, Sr. Assistant Director

    In order to understand what a consultant does, you have to understand that different consultant specialties solve different problems.  The four popular specialties are strategy, financial, information … Continued

  • Government Work Can Lead to Career Satisfaction

    By: Tamara K. Taylor, Assistant Director

    The Office of Personnel Management projected that by 2015, more than 550,000 federal employees, one third of the entire full-time permanent workforce, would leave the Federal government with retiremen … Continued

  • Stepping Into STEM

    By: Mary Rosage, Assistant Director

    Did you know that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates are expected to have the highest salaries from recently graduating classes? Nationally the average is expected to be be … Continued

  • What to expect at the Career Fair

    By: Sheena Jacobs, Assistant Director

    Each year UNC will have hundreds of employers attend our career fairs.  Each employer will have a table with signage, information, handouts, job descriptions, goodies, etc. If you’ve never attended on … Continued

  • Recipe for Writing a Personal Statement

    By: Verna Eberhardt, Graduate Intern

    Writing a personal statement by perception and sometimes reputation is often a daunting and overwhelming undertaking. The ambiguity and mystery swirling around its purpose and composition can be dispe … Continued

  • Habits that Could Hurt you in your Job Search


    Lengthy Resume You resume is a very important resource when on the job search, but hiring managers are in a rush as well.  While your experiences are valuable, try to keep all content relevant and use … Continued

  • Career Resources for International Students


    Coming to UNC Chapel Hill for a college education was probably not an easy decision.  As an international student, you made the choice to leave your home country and study in a completely new educatio … Continued

  • Reneging on a Job Offer…Why? Why Not?


    Congratulations! You accepted the job offer! Once you have accepted a position verbally or in writing, you should honor your commitment. At that time, you should cancel any additional interviews and n … Continued

  • Should I Study Abroad or Intern?


    Well, why not do both?  It doesn’t have to be one or the other.  Students who have worked abroad are even more appealing to employers because they know what it means to fully immerse oneself into anot … Continued

  • Introverts & Extroverts: Navigating the Job Search Challenges

    By: Resa Brinkley

    Play to Your Strengths Know which jobs will be a better fit for your personality and gear your resume towards those. An event planner might be too draining a position for an introvert to sustain, whil … Continued