• Industry Night: Life of a Consultant

    By: Camille G. Mason, Sr. Assistant Director

    In order to understand what a consultant does, you have to understand that different consultant specialties solve different problems.  The four popular specialties are strategy, financial, information … Continued

  • What to expect at the Career Fair

    By: Sheena Jacobs, Assistant Director

    Each year UNC will have hundreds of employers attend our career fairs.  Each employer will have a table with signage, information, handouts, job descriptions, goodies, etc. If you’ve never attended on … Continued

  • Occupational Interviewing: I Might Want to Look into It Again

    By: Tricia Bacon

    Over the past several weeks, I have been looking into the Focus 2 assessments and exploring careers and job families related to my results.  This week, I decided to learn more about one of those caree … Continued

  • Occupational Research: A Reality Check

    By: Sydney DeFranco

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have been exploring the career options that Focus 2 suggested.  One of the careers that I have taken particular interest in is being a professor of some sort.  That is … Continued

  • Introverts & Extroverts: Navigating the Job Search Challenges

    By: Resa Brinkley

    Play to Your Strengths Know which jobs will be a better fit for your personality and gear your resume towards those. An event planner might be too draining a position for an introvert to sustain, whil … Continued

  • Skype and Digital Interviewing: The ‘No-Struggle’ Approach


    While virtual interviews should be treated no different from an in-person interview, they do present some unique challenges. Here are ten tips to help you through your next virtual interview! 1. Creat … Continued

  • 5 Steps to Break into Consulting


    Have you ever wondered how to get a job as a consultant?  Well look no further, University Career Services is here to help you! Consulting is known for its long hours, constantly changing projects, an … Continued

  • Climb to Your Career in Four Years


    Where will you be in four years? Will you be ready to join the work force? Maybe you have your future planned: You know what you want to be after graduation and you have an idea of how to get there. O … Continued

  • Information Interview with a Dental Hygienist


    I recently sat down with UNC alum, Nirali Patel, to discuss the dental hygiene profession. Nirali graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014 with a B.S. in Dental Hygiene. She currently works as a dental … Continued

  • Spring Career Fair Week


    Jade Barricelli University Career Services