• What Parents of Prospective College Students Should Know

    By: By Marcia B. Harris and Sharon L. Jones. Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

    Get insight into 10 career-related areas so you can help your son or daughter plan for a career.  1. Choosing a career/choosing a major Security vs. adventure. Accountant, Peace Corps volunteer, journ … Continued

  • What Are Your Plans for This Summer?

    By: Sarah Steenrod

    As the academic year winds down, it is likely that college students around the world are being asked, “What are your plans for this summer?” Interning at your dream company? Taking classes? Studying a … Continued

  • Job Outlook 2018 for Students- Infographic

    By: Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
  • Feeling Lost? The Best Careers Change and Evolve

    By: Melanie Buford

    A senior psychology major came into my office the other day. She dropped her bag, plopped down into a chair, and said “I’m lost!” With relatively little prompting, the story came out. She already knew … Continued

  • Daring to Decline: Knowing When to Say No to a Job Offer

    By: Samantha McGurgan

    Congratulations—you got the offer! This is cause for a celebration! Except…why are you experiencing the sinking feeling of dread? You may feel obligated to accept the offer because you already investe … Continued

  • How to Say Yes (or No) to a Job Offer

    By: Susan Brennan

    If you get a job offer, here are some simple rules of thumb to help decide whether you should accept it. Do some soul searching. At Bentley, our students begin the “soul searching” process during fres … Continued

  • Student Spotlight: James Ennis Street

    By: Dr. William Taylor, Assistant Director, Pre-Graduate & Pre-Law Advising, UNC UCS

    Today, we bring you James Ennis Street, interviewed by Dr. William Taylor.  James is a Senior, and is a Public Policy and Critical Race Theory Double Major.  He is an On-Campus Coordinator | Office of … Continued

  • Using an Infographic to Explore Potential Careers

    By: Ross Wade

    The purpose of this activity is for you to assess and rank your values, interests, strengths, and identity (personal or professional) in a creative and graphic way. (Take your infographic to a career … Continued

  • Student Spotlight: Aaron Epps

    By: Sheena Jacobs, Assistant Director, UNC UCS

    Today, we bring you Aaron Epps.  Aaron is from Fairmont, NC, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Socioeconomic Justice.   His career interests are in HR and working with diversity and inclus … Continued

  • Student Spotlight: Autumn McClellan

    By: Moira Johnson, Graduate Student Intern, UNC UCS

    Today, we bring you Autumn McClellan, who is a graduate student in the Sociology Department at UNC.  She was interviewed by Moira Johnson, a Graduate Student Intern for UNC UCS. Autumn hails from a sm … Continued