• The Art of Writing Job-Search Letters

    By: William J. Banis-Courtesy of the National Association of Colleges and Employers

    Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of finding a job that you’ll face is writing appropriate job-search letters. The job search may be the first time you’ll have to compose and produce professio … Continued

  • Cover Letters – from Good to Great

    By: Carolyn Couch

    If you inwardly groan at the thought of writing a cover letter, University Career Services has your back. Our website will guide you in creating a good one, and once it’s finished writing future lette … Continued

  • Career Services is here for this Summer!


    Even though you’ve packed up and are not on-campus, UCS is still here! Summer is a great time to meet with us to set new goals, polish your resume, meet with the pre-health advisor, or complete a mock … Continued

  • My First Cover Letter


    “Dear Hiring Manager: I know you must have, Many resumes to peruse. To help you decide, The best intern to choose. I know you are busy, So I will save you some time. I can say without doubt The best r … Continued

  • 5 Skills You Didn’t Know You’d Gain From a Part-Time Job


    Believe it or not, that part-time job of yours will help you excel in many future work environments based on what we call “transferable skills.” These are skills that transfer from any industry, occup … Continued