• Industry Night: Life of a Consultant

    By: Camille G. Mason, Sr. Assistant Director

    In order to understand what a consultant does, you have to understand that different consultant specialties solve different problems.  The four popular specialties are strategy, financial, information … Continued

  • Government Work Can Lead to Career Satisfaction

    By: Tamara K. Taylor, Assistant Director

    The Office of Personnel Management projected that by 2015, more than 550,000 federal employees, one third of the entire full-time permanent workforce, would leave the Federal government with retiremen … Continued

  • Stepping Into STEM

    By: Mary Rosage, Assistant Director

    Did you know that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) graduates are expected to have the highest salaries from recently graduating classes? Nationally the average is expected to be be … Continued

  • Creative Industry Careers

    By: Emily Strader, Career Counselor

    Creative people employed by arts organizations stimulate innovation and play an important role in building and sustaining economic vibrancy.  Where are these organizations and what can you learn about … Continued

  • You Can Connect your Interests to your Major and Careers

    By: Jonathan Adams, Assistant Director, University Career Services

    What’s your major? What do you plan to do with that after you graduate? At this point, no matter what your year at UNC, you have probably been asked these types of questions. If you are unsure of how … Continued

  • Occupational Interviewing: I Might Want to Look into It Again

    By: Tricia Bacon

    Over the past several weeks, I have been looking into the Focus 2 assessments and exploring careers and job families related to my results.  This week, I decided to learn more about one of those caree … Continued

  • Career Resources for International Students


    Coming to UNC Chapel Hill for a college education was probably not an easy decision.  As an international student, you made the choice to leave your home country and study in a completely new educatio … Continued

  • For Doctoral Students: Exploring Career Options is Smart Planning

    By: Jonathan Foland

    Many people enter doctoral programs expecting to build an impressive CV, earn their degree, and move on to a tenure-track, faculty position in academia. The tenure-track goal makes sense, because doct … Continued

  • Shadowing and Volunteering


    Different, but both important. Clinical observation, or shadowing, is not the same thing as volunteering. Volunteering may sometimes place you in a setting that could allow for both shadowing and hand … Continued

  • In Step With Career Assessment: Developing Deeper

    By: Tricia Bacon

    The Focus 2 assessments really are useful tools for determining where I should focus my attention in my job search.  In the last post, I briefly described my results and determined what was accurate t … Continued