How Choosing a Career Is Like Clothing Shopping


In today’s world, there’s a lot of pressure to “pursue your passion.” Recent discussion among career advising professionals highlights that this can be a dangerous term, especially for traditional-aged college students, as it sets the expectations high. It can leave … Continued

Do Interns or Co-ops Get Benefits?


Sometimes employers offer benefits—perks that come with the job—to interns and co-op students. The most-often provided benefit, from intern and co-op employers, are social activities—activities such as being allowed to attend company picnics or join a group social for an … Continued

What Do Students Really Want From a Summer Internship?


This past summer, employer Booz Allen Hamilton was joined by a summer intern, Gabrielle Gaeta, from the University of Michigan. While she was working she answered some questions about what students are looking for in an internship program and what … Continued

Develop Your Career Goals Holistically


Many undergraduate students start the career decision-making process by selecting a major based on the subjects they enjoyed in high school. For example, you may have chosen to major in engineering because you were “smart” in high school or strong … Continued

Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile


  Use keywords in your summary statement. Many employers search by keyword, so use keywords—technical terms and skills—from your field. Not sure what your best keywords are? Find profiles of people who hold the job you’d like to get and … Continued

Build the Resume Employers Want


The resume—an essential tool for any job search. Although a lot of time, effort, and thought has gone into trying to crack the secret, there is no “perfect” resume. Your resume’s job is to move you to the next step … Continued

Three Suggestions for a Productive Summer


The summer months are here!   While many students will take the next three months to work part-time jobs, complete internships, take summer classes, and work on their sun tan, many graduate and professional students will try to use their … Continued

Benefits Count


As you look for your first job, you’re probably not thinking about becoming ill, retiring, or looking for tax breaks. However, you should consider benefits to be an important part of your compensation package. According to the most recent survey … Continued

Relevant Work Experience a Key for Job-Search Success


We know that recruiters looking for candidates to hire for their organizations want college graduates who are a proper fit for their culture and industry. But, without being hired full time, how can you demonstrate that you can perform at … Continued