End Your Interview on a High Note with This Question

Posted 2 weeks ago

One of your top priorities as a job candidate should be to end your interview with a power punch – something that’ll make you stand out and show your enthusiasm. Unfortunately, sometimes that’s hard to do, especially when so many … Continued

Things Never to Say in an Interview

Posted 3 weeks ago

Interviewing can be a delicate process. Employers want you to succeed, but their primary goal is to find someone who fits their company and brings the necessary skills. It doesn’t take much to create a bad impression, Here are some … Continued

How to Answer: “What is your weakness?”

Posted 4 weeks ago

It’s a commonly asked interview question: “What is your weakness?” Employers ask it for insight into how you respond to such a question as well as the substance of your answer. Here are some tips for effective replies.  See video … Continued

Coping with Difficult Interviews and Questions

Posted 1 month ago

Early in my career, I interviewed with a woman I knew outside of the professional arena. She told me I could come in to discuss working with her. Because we knew each other, I figured she had a good grasp … Continued

Elements of a Cover Letter

Posted 2 months ago

Following the header and company contact information, your letter has three primary components: the introduction, the body, and the closing. Each has a distinct purpose. Writing Preparation Before you begin, make some notes about what you want to highlight. Which … Continued

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Posted 2 months ago

Do you really need to send a cover letter with your résumé? The answer is yes. Even though many resumes are now uploaded to online systems, or sent via e-mail or other electronic methods, a cover letter or a shorter … Continued