Military to Civilians: New Mission Same Attitude

Posted 4 days ago

You don’t need anyone to tell you that transitioning to civilian life will have challenges; you’ve discovered that by now. And navigating the terrain of a university can be as overwhelming as the first hour of basic training (education) and … Continued


5 Steps to Break into Consulting

Posted 3 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered how to get a job as a consultant?  Well look no further, University Career Services is here to help you! Consulting is known for its long hours, constantly changing projects, and tons of travel.  But, it’s … Continued

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Don’t Overlook Public Service Job Opportunities

Posted 2 months ago

If you’re a college student exploring careers, you may not be aware of the wide range of job opportunities in public service. Careers in the federal government range from scientist to engineer to museum curator. Federal architects plan embassies around … Continued

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Climb to Your Career in Four Years

Posted 4 months ago

Where will you be in four years? Will you be ready to join the work force? Maybe you have your future planned: You know what you want to be after graduation and you have an idea of how to get … Continued


10 Tips for Top-Notch References

Posted 4 months ago

“References available upon request” is a statement that can make or break your job offer. Here are 10 tips for assembling a successful reference list. 1. Ask, don’t assume. Ask your references for permission to use their names. Confirm the … Continued


Employers Say Job Market for Class of 2016 Looks Good!

Posted 5 months ago

The hiring outlook for college graduates continues to improve as employers plan to hire 11 percent more new college graduates for their U.S. operations from the Class of 2016 than they did from the Class of 2015, according to results … Continued


Tips for Requesting Letters of Evaluation

Posted 6 months ago

“Professor! Could you write me a letter of recommendation?” “I’m sorry, do I know you?” Nightmare fuel, right? Here are some tips to ensure this scenario isn’t one you encounter. It’s never too early to begin to build relationships with … Continued